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Herbs for wound healing

Aloe vera
At a time when there were no medicines, no tetanus vaccines, and no first aid kits, even a minor wound could be fatal. People were aware of this and used various herbs to help wound healing and reduce the risk of infection. Some of them are used even today.

In this article, I will introduce popular herbs that are used for wounds.

Note - herbs are not a miracle method for instant wound healing, and when used incorrectly, can cause infection (they are not sterile).  They should never be applied to the wound itself, but rather to the area around it. If the wound is deep or long and accompanied by bleeding, you should stop the bleeding as soon as possible and seek help.

Aloe Vera

You can have aloe vera in a pot - it's a good idea, as it has a strong regenerative and soothing effect on the skin. You can also find it in many skin preparations. To get the benefits of aloe vera, cut open a leaf and apply it to irritated skin with the pulp.  Aloe vera gel, can be used as a way to reduce skin inflammation.

Gotu Kola

The leaves of this plant are used to treat scratches and skin irritations. A relative of parsley, this plant contains triterpenoids that help to heal skin.

Arnica montana

We have finally come to the herbs found in Poland. Arnica montana is an endangered herb that is not allowed to be harvested from natural habitats - however, this should not be a problem since arnica montana is cultured. Its properties include:

  • softening of the skin
  • reducing inflammation
  • accelerating wound healing

It should not be taken orally.

Pot marigold
Pot marigold

Beautiful orange flowers with an interesting fragrance. The properties of pot marigold are similar to those of arnica montana. It can only be applied to a limited, small area of the skin. Remember that pot marigold comes in many varieties, so it is best to get it at a herbal store. It is also found in mouthwashes, skin preparations and intimate hygiene gels.


Studies show that goldenrod helps heal inflammation and fight skin infections. It also helps to get rid of bruises faster.

It is also used internally as a diuretic.


It is an excellent remedy for skin infections. Its Latin name comes from Achilles, who is also associated with a wound (he died from an arrow that hit him in the heel).

Oak bark

It is an astringent raw material, containing a large amount of tannins. It is also used for wounds of mucous membranes - intimate areas or mouth.