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World's black teas


Teas - a wealth of leafy colors

In China, teas are placed in box according to the color of the leaves, in Poland, according to the color of the infusion. You probably know that for a long time only two types of tea were available in Poland - Assam and Ceylon.

Black tea

Granulated teas are drunk in many Polish homes. They have two advantages - they are cheap and give a chance to get a very strong infusion - because the dust stretches more than the tea leaf itself. There is no doubt that these teas are made from the lowest quality leaves. Even more interesting things can be found in teas packed in sachets. When you see tea for 2 PLN for 100 bags on a store shelf, don't be happy about the occasion.


Yunnan can be both green and black, named after the province in China. Tea gives a strong, intense infusion. Tea is slightly less popular than Ceylon. You can buy it at any tea house. The price is around 13 PLN for 10 decagrams.


Ceylon mentioned above is tea from Sri Lanka. It is fermented and the taste of ceylon is strong and expressive - this is the most drunk tea in Europe.

Darjeeling tea

The tea list wouldn't be complete without Darjeeling tea - which is far less popular than the other two. Its name also comes from a province in India. It is interesting that the manufacturer of this tea has developed its own method of determining the quality.

Teas from outside Asia

Tea is also produced outside of Asia. Kenyan tea is one of these products. It grows in a high-mountain climate. Kenyan tea leaves are very tiny compared to Asian ones. The taste can be described as more delicate, with a greater hint of sweetness.

Turkish tea has a different taste, the leaves are very large and developed. It should be poured a little more than the others - due to the thick leaves, the infusion is weaker.