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Why are local products healthier?

Did you know that fruits and vegetables are most nutritious when they are ripe? Research shows that many nutrients are formed during food ripening. As they are harvested, they begin to turn into starch and their plant cells begin to shrink causing a loss of nutrients. That is why it is so important to eat fresh food products.

Loss of nutritional value

Often the food we buy comes from distant parts of the country or the world. It may be a few weeks before the products appear on the store shelves after a long journey. As a result, fruits and vegetables have to be harvested prematurely, which inhibits the process of enriching them with nutrients. Therefore, for preventive purposes, gases are used to delay the ripening process. This makes it possible for them to survive a long journey in a relatively fresh state. As a result, we receive fruits and vegetables that are poor in any nutritional value. 

Local food doesn't travel far

Locally grown food does not have to travel long distances. This means that it can be harvested according to nature and thus retains a large amount of nutrients. It is worth mentioning that local food stays on the store shelf for a maximum of 48 hours, thus maintaining most of its value and does not require the use of gases to increase its freshness. Greengrocer's and health food stores are a good place to buy a natural, fresh food. They are an excellent alternative to supermarkets. Although recently they have started to import food from local crops. Therefore, it is important to check the label before buying or ask the shop assistant for information where the product comes from.

Buy local food

It is best to buy vegetables and seasonal fruits. Why? Well, when it is winter in the Northern Hemisphere, it is summer in the Southern Hemisphere. As a result, the fruit and vegetables growing in summer are even available in winter. Only then they travel long distances. It's a long journey for food. If you want a product from tropical parts of the world in winter, choose the frozen one. Low temperature helps to preserve the nutritional value. It is also a good idea to buy fresh products and freeze them on your own. First, clean them and get rid of the seeds. Then cut and pack into airtight containers.


The bazaars offer a wide selection of local products that are usually not found in supermarkets or restaurants. In turn, most farmers suggest trying fruit and vegetables that you have not bought and you are concerned about whether they will taste you.

Most of the products coming from local crops appear on the market first thing in the morning after harvesting. In addition to the obvious fact that such food is fresh, it is also sold to consumers without intermediaries.

The market where you can buy fresh fruits and vegetables is a great place to teach your children healthy habits by letting them participate in the buying process. Research shows that then children are more involved in what they eat and more likely to try new things.