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What effect does Ginkgo biloba have?

Ginkgo is such a characteristic tree that its leaves can be recognized at glance. The use of ginkgo leaves in medicine, not only in folk medicine, has a centuries-old tradition. In the article below, I will try to explain in which ailments ginkgo in the form of an extract can help. It is worth remembering that the best herbal preparations are medicines that are standardized according to the content of active substances.

Only ginkgo leaves are used in the preparations. Where ginkgo comes from, its seeds are also used, but they have not yet been properly tested by doctors.

How does ginkgo work?

Ginkgo leaf in the form of an extract reduces blood clotting, because it prevents blood cells from sticking together. As a result, blood flows better through the blood vessels. It is most often used in ailments related to poor blood flow through the organs. When used in Alzheimer's disease, it may help to improve memory.

Other indications for ginkgo are headache, tinnitus, dizziness, difficulty concentrating, and mood and hearing disorders. It also works well as a treatment for varicose veins and Raynaud's disease. It will reduce the feeling of cold toes and fingers that are also caused by poor circulation. Many patients with Lyme disease and depression also use ginkgo extract, but in these diseases, special attention should be paid to whether the medicines used do not interact with it.

Due to its properties, ginkgo can be used to improve sexual prowess and in the case of macular degeneration. For example, it can help with blood vessel damage caused by diabetes, AMD and glaucoma. Remember that when used orally, ginkgo can interact with many medicines. To prevent it, it is necessary to consult your doctor or pharmacist.

Preparations with ginkgo

Ginkgo can be purchased both in the form of a tea and in a tincture, and in tablets. As I mentioned in the introduction, pay attention to whether the manufacturer describes the amount of standardized ginkgo leaf extract.