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Unusual health properties of the natural vanilla extract

Did you know that vanilla extract is not only a beautiful fragrance and an excellent addition to desserts? It turns out that it has a number of health-promoting properties. It is worth to have it in your home for longer.

Vanilla is one of the most popular flavors in the world. It is not only delicious and smells great, but also supports our health. The most aromatic plant, desired by chefs all over the world, comes from South America. Nowadays, Madagascar is also famous for growing high quality vanilla. Why is it worth introducing a natural vanilla extract into your diet?

What is vanilla extract?

Vanilla extract is a combination of vanilla beans and alcohol. After being immersed in the alcohol, the vanilla pods releases the compound, the vanillin, which is responsible for its unusual taste and aroma. A dark brown extract is produced, which is most often used in confectionery.

While buying vanilla extract, special attention should be paid to its origin, because as much as 95% of the vanilla extract allowed for sale is obtained from lignin, i.e. a by-product of paper production. It is synthetic, unhealthy vanillin that can harm us more than help us.

It is best to make your own extract at home. This natural extract has a rich flavor and aroma. In addition, it is organic and fully ecological, such extract is the healthiest. Please note that it is best to use at least 35% alcohol to make it.

Vanilla extract - nutritional properties

One serving of vanilla extract (about 13 g) contains:

  • 37 calories
  • 1.6 g of carbohydrates
  • 19.2 mg of potassium (1% of the recommended daily intake)

Vanilla extract

Health benefits of consuming natural vanilla extract

Natural vanilla extract is a health mine and has many health properties. Below we describe examples of its positive effects on the human body.

  • Strong antioxidant

Antioxidants are an extremely important component of everyone's diet. They effectively neutralize free radicals, that can cause irreversible changes in the body. So-called "oxidative stress" contributes to the development of many dangerous diseases. The natural vanillin contained in the vanilla extract has a strong anti-oxidant effect, i.e. it fights free radicals.

  • Antibacterial effect
Vanillin has a strong antibacterial effect, which is why vanilla is often used in remedies for herpes, for example. It is recommended to soak a cotton pad in vanilla extract and put it on the wounded, infected area, etc. Repeat the procedure 4-5 times a day, the first effects may be visible after the first use.
  • Anti-inflammatory effect
Vanillin, a substance contained in vanilla beans, does not only cure herpes, but also helps treat inflammation throughout the body. Inflammation is an extremely dangerous condition that can give rise to many serious diseases and lead to numerous complications. In addition to removing acidifying foods from your diet, you can also help prevent disease by eating appropriate food products, including natural vanilla extract. Thanks to such nutrition, it is possible to eliminate inflammation that has not yet manifested itself. The anti-inflammatory effect of vanillin is confirmed by laboratory tests.

  • Vanilla for improving mental health
Research confirms that vanilla can effectively reduce depression and anxiety. Researchers combine this remarkable effect of vanilla with its anti-inflammatory properties. The smell and taste of natural vanilla increases mood, makes us happier.
  • Vanilla reduces fever
Are you looking for an effective way to reduce fever? Vanilla extract is a natural, effective way used by our grandmothers to reduce fever.
  • Lowering cholesterol?

In clinical trials it was found that natural vanillin has properties that lower the level of bad cholesterol in the blood. Therefore, introducing natural vanilla extract into the diet can effectively help reduce cholesterol and contribute to the improvement of overall health.

Natural vanilla extract is a health mine. It doesn't interact with medicines, it smells good and tastes good. It will work in the kitchen and in the home pharmacy. It is worth spending a few moments to make your own natural vanilla extract - then we will be sure that it will do a lot of good in our body