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Linden - a natural remedy for fever


A very worrying symptom in young children is fever. Currently, the use of salicylates is recommended only after the age of 12, due to the possibility of allergies and Rey's syndrome. (According to some sources after the age of 18) and medicines such as acetaminophen are harmful to the liver. A little forgotten remedy to fight fever is linden.
Tilia cordata and Tilia platyphyllos come from the Tiliaceae family and are common in Europe. The medicinal material is linden inflorescences, which are dried at a temperature below 40 degrees. They have a delicate and pleasant aroma.

What does linden contain?

Linden contains various active substances, including tannins, triterpenes and carotene. The most important ingredient exerting an effect on the body will be flavone compounds, essential oils and mucus substances.

How does linden work?

Linden causes sweating, its effect is revealed not only after drinking linden infusion, but also when used for bathing. It has a gentle calming effect. The infusion of linden leaves can be used in febrile state, in colds- mucous substances also have a protective effect. Linden can be used as a sedative, for example, in combination with chamomile. To increase its diaphoretic effect, elderberry is added in the form of flowers or raspberry fruit.

How should we consume linden?

Linden infusion is made by pouring a teaspoon of flowers with a glass of boiling water, sweetening it with honey or even better with raspberry syrup, which increases the effect of the raw material.