Staphylococcus aureus: Understanding the Bacterial Menace


100% of the patients who buy the herb are trying to cure leucoderma. So far, we do not know any effective cure for it. Nor can it be made clear whether the application of the herb is effective in this disease.

The characteristic flowers (blooms from July to October) can be found in many places, but he especially likes shaded areas such as walls, rocks and hedges. We'll meet it on the roadsides and in neglected places. When it comes to herbs that grow on the roadside, they usually have a lot of pollution, which is why they should not be harvested there. There is not much information on the internet or in the herbalist literature about what active substances it contains.

The use of Herb-robert in herbal medicine

The herb is very rarely used for diseases other than leucoderma. It is used in the form of an infusion, as a remedy for diarrhea, treating rheumatic problems and wounds. Recent research has shown that herb-robert can reduce blood glucose levels, which is helpful for those dealing with diabetes. The infusion of leaves is used to treat internal bleeding  (always needs to be consulted with a doctor), kidney problems, stomach problems, and it is also helpful in jaundice.

It can also be used externally. Compresses from this plant will help with swelling and rheumatic problems with joints, bleeding and bruises. The herb is considered a medicine for leucoderma. It is best to use the whole herb in the form of compresses, including the root. It makes no difference when it was harvested, it is best to use it fresh. It is also used in the production of homeopathic "medicines".