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Fizzy drinks

Fizzy drink
Canned drinks, whether they contain sugar or are otherwise sweetened, are not neutral to your health. The results of modern research on drinks are unequivocal - avoiding them is one of the best things you can do for your health. In one study on aspartame-sweetened beverages, about 3,000 adults were researched. People who regularly drank carbonated drinks had a heart attack risk up to three times higher than the rest.

Recently, I took a closer look at the drinks that are in the company's refrigerator that each employee can take to slake their thirst. The labels are shocking - there is 45 grams of sugar in one can of Coca Cola, Pepsi and Mountain Dew, or 4.5 tablespoons. Normal person wouldn't sweeten 330 grams of tea with this amount of sugar, but when it is dissolved in a fashionable drink, we have nothing against it. It is known that drinking Coca Cola once in a while will not kill us, but there are people among us who drink Coca Cola and similar drinks every day.

Watch out for fructose

In the 1950s and 1960s, the first wave of obesity appeared in the USA, which was probably related to the increase in the amount of glucose-fructose syrup used. The same ingredient can be found in most cheap carbonated drinks and syrups to be diluted with water. It is also a frequent addition to pharmacy syrups, bread, jam or birch juice, which is promoted as a healthy product. Recently, I found it in a beautifully smelling coffee syrup.

Regular drinking of "light" carbonated drinks influences, among other things:

  • Increased risk of depression
  • Deterioration of kidney function
  • Risk of type 2 diabetes
  • Obesity

I admit that if I want something sweet (which happens very rarely), I usually reach for Cola Light, which seems safer than drinks containing sugar or syrup.

Drinks that are healthier than soda

I found that I most often drink soda in the evening if I drank too little during the day. Sparkling water becomes a great alternative to unhealthy drinks. It is more pleasant to drink than regular water, and if we choose canned water, we will completely lose the desire for Cola or other cold drinks. In addition, it is worth drinking water, tea or herbal infusions. They hydrate the body and improve well-being. Green tea will provide a large dose of caffeine, and it is this alkaloid that makes us feel good after Coca Cola.

Carbonated drinks are huge business - companies have to pay a lot of money for a little chemical concentrate with the addition of water. By buying them, you also have a negative impact on the cleanliness of our planet, generating empty packaging. For this reason, instead of the fashionable bottled water, I usually choose a tap water or water from a vending machine using large, interchangeable bottles.

To sum up - we like fizzy drinks because we see their advertisements all the time and we think that thanks to them, we are more fashionable and better. How the following fashion ends has already been shown in America, where 60% of the population suffers from obesity.