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Effects of natural clays on the skin

Natural clay
Natural clays has a lot of vitamins and minerals that have a very positive impact on our skin. Clays are present in a numbers of colors, each of its varieties shows other effects and it is associated with the predominance of the presence of specific ingredients.

Green natural clay

It's green powder which darkens or becomes turquoise upon contact with water. Its color is due to the presence of divalent iron ions. The green natural clay is made of silica-alumina and contains, i.a.:

  • Magnesium
  • Calcium
  • Potassium
  • Selenium
  • Silicon

Thanks to the fact that the deposits in which green clay are located at depths of about 70 meters underground green clay are fully biologically clean. The clay extracted on the surface loses some of its beneficial properties, but in order to restore them, it is dried in the sun. 

The clay particles draw the toxins to each other and help remove them from the body. The external action of the clay is mainly due to control of the secretion of the sebum by the skin, as well as the cleansing and matting of complexion. It is especially recommended for acne skin, which helps to heal inflammatory condition and evens out skin tone. Its deacidifying effect makes it capable of balancing the pH of the skin and also tightens and disinfects it. In addition to the typically medicinal product, ageing process, wrinkles may also be delayed.

Red natural clay

It is rusty powder that softly color the skin. It can be applied to different types of complexion. Its main advantages are ability to cleansing the skin from toxins, degreasing and narrowing the expanded pores. The red clay contains silicon, iron, potassium and titanium. Its unique composition means that it is excellent in mitigating the symptoms of rosacea and prevents the rupturing of the capillaries. Used for a longer time it may have properties that darken skin color.

White natural clay

It is very similar to green clay, however its action is more delicate. It perfectly deals with excess sebum, clogged pores and pimples. The clays can be also used  in the form of masks, where the powder is dissolved in water and applied to the skin of the face or body for about 30 minutes. Skincare involving the use of rubbing with clay solutions is also popular.