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Is saeweed a super-food ?


is one of the best natural products in the world. It contains the most nutrients and it's the richest source of minerals in the plant kingdom. It contains all useful products from th ocan. It is also reffered to as "superfood" because it brings a lot of benfits to the body.

Health benefits of eating seaweed:

  • Clansing the blood. The chmical composition of seawed is very similar to human blood plasma and their activity is to remove impurities and cleansing the blood.
  • High calcium: sawed contains 10 tims more calcium than milk and 8 tims mor than beef.
  • Deacidifiction of the body- seaweed is alkaline to the blood and reducs the acidifiction operation of modern diet.
  • It has strong chlating action: saweed protects the body from many toxins from environment such as heavy metals and radiation, turning them into harmleess salts that can easily be rleased.
  • It contains antioxidants. Saweed contains lignans that have anti-cancer effects.
  • Seaweed has an important slimming effect and rduc cellulite formation. It is rich in iodin, which hlps the thyroid function, the organ responsible for the corrct metabolism. At the same  time, it provides minerals.

Seaweed you can enjoy every day:


Nori is one of the best-known seaweeds - that's what sushi rolls in. It is worth betting on natural nori, which contains a lot of nutrients.

Bladder wrack

Bladder wrack

Bladder wrack is th most widespread seawed. You can drink it(its taste is disgusting) and use for bathing. It should bee used as a supplement.


Arame is a dark-colourd seaweed.It must b soaked in the water before consumption so that it can doubl its volume. it can be addd to many dishes, such as soups, salads and stews.

Wakamewakame is a dark gren seaweed which can bee bought in fresh and dried form. It has the best taste when it is soaked for a few minutes before adding to the dish. It can be addd to soups, fried foods, stews and many other dishes.



Kombu has been used for centuris in Japan to complete minerals. just add a kombu bar to the dish to make it easy to digest. Before using it, it is worth soaking it.

When buying a seaweed, it is worth paying attention whether it has the appropriat certificats. Seaweed absorbs nutrints from the water in which it grew, so buying seaweed from crops is the best solution.