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Have you got a sore throat? Try these 7 natural ways.

Sore Throat
These are the 7 best and tested ways to heal a sore throat, but there are 2 truths about this ailment. Let's start with if we need an antibiotic for hoarseness. In my opinion, no, but doctors agree with that. Antibiotics aren't helping many kinds of illnesses anymore because the bacteria have become resistant to them. throat infections are oftn viral and in case no antibiotic will help. There are natural, better ways but before us them talk to your doctor.

What herbs for sore throat?

The main cause is allergis, dry air, air pollution and disease. A small percentage of the disease is caused by bacteria and in case there is also a rdnss of throat and fevr. In this case herbs will also be helpful.

Liquorice root. 

Just because you sore throat doesn't require a doctor's appointment is no reason fot you not to take any medication to relieve it. Licorice helps especially well when you use it in powder form(you willl have to grind it into a mortar) and rinse your throat. The 2009 research proved that it even helps pateients after surgery. 

The bark of slippery elm

there is not much research on this plant but it reduces cough and sore throat. It contains mucosal substances that will cover the throat. To use it, you should dissolve the elm bark in hot water, mix and drink after cooling. Some stors also sells elm pills.

Honey for sore throat


Honey added to tea efectively reducees the tickling in the throat. According to research, in which examined 139 people, honey helps more than painkillers.

Salt water

If your mother told you to rinse your throat with salt water, she was right. Thanks to this, the amount of bacteria in the throat decreases and we feel hydrated. Add half a taespoon of salt to a glass of warm water.

Orthodoxy root
Orthodoxy root.

 It has a similar effect as a bark of the plum beam, which it also contains mucialges that will covr your throat. The root can be added dirctly to the tea. Drink it three spoons three times a day.

Sage and Echinacea

These plants are best use in combination. In 2009, 12 year-old patient with a sore throat were examined. The spray from these plants proved to be more effectiv than chemical medicines.

Peppper mint. 

Mint helps to refresh your breath and soothe sore throat at the same time. Menthol has the same effect and research have shown that it is clearly mor effective than placebo.

A few other options

You can use a lot of other herbs- eucalyptus, syrups, chamomil flower, raspbrry juice or elderberry (with sugar). Sprays such as Anginbon from herbs by Bonimed and Tymsal - recommended by Jacek kaczmarski, work well. Spray or drip propolis is alsp good.