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Chamomile flowers - for children

Chamomile Matricaria chamomilla

Chamomile in the treatment of children

Wild chamomile is also known as medical chamomile. Its Latin name is  Matricaria chamomilla, which is from the family of Compositae. It grows throughour Poland and propably everyone knows what it looks like. In medecine we use only flower buds which are harvesting from may to july. If the flower was harvest too late, it would scatter during the drying process. The folwers of the chamomil without the stalk should be dried in the shadow in a ventilated place. If we are going to use chamomile for the infusions, we can dry it with the stalks. 

What ingredients are in chamomile?

The chamomile contains many essential oils, flavonoids and coumarin. The oil is composed of azulen, which has anti-inflammatory ant anti-allergic effects.

Chamomile also has an anti-inflammatory effects. It also counteracts contractions and it has abtibacterial and antiviral effects.


According to the literature, chamomile infusion can be used in very small children. It facilities digstion, removes flatulence and intestinal stakes. chamomile is used very often during teething period. It also has activitis to facilitate falling asleep so it can be used beforw sleep. The flower can be also used externally, for baths, skin cladding and skin washing. Fresh chamomile tae can may be used for cover for sore, tired eyes and for conjunctivitis. 

The tae for gums should be used in children who are teething often in small quantities so as to have contact with sore gums as long as possible. It can be also used to rinse the throat of older children. It will aslo help with the mildew- then we wash th oral cavity. The chamomil also works on the airways. The effective method is to hang nappies soaked in the chamomile infusion.

How to do an infusion?

 We are prepering for half a spoon or a whole spoon of chamomile. The method is simple - the water to make a infusionmust b boiling, then the chamomile is infused for 15 minutes and poured. the infusion may be diluted andadministered several tims a day, you can also add honeey sugar or lemon to taste. Infusion to washing eyes or enema should be made without sugar. you can use an infusion for a bath of about 40 grams for the bath.

The alcoholic extract of chamomile flowers is Azulan. It has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial effects. It may be added to the child's bath and also could be used for older children to rinsing the throat and mouth. One spoon of Azulan falls into half a glass of water. In stomach disorders, azulan will be usd in quantities from 30 to 50 drops in a glass of water. For kids you can use a little lower amount and use the medicine mefore meal. The camomile flower is part of a variety of mixtures, including tranquillisers and affecting the digestive system.