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Slimming by natural methods - accelerating the metabolism

Losing weight

A lot of people can't cope with overweight, even though they don't eat too much. Such people also often struggle with edema. They feel constantly tired and their blood pressure is usually lower than average. There may also be digestive problems related to the low secretion of gastric juices. Such symptoms may just be a natural feature of the body. Metabolic problems are also related to the malfunction of the thyroid gland - namely, its hypothyroidism.

A natural remedy that will accelerate the metabolism is Yerba Mate. It is often a component of slimming blends and slimming pills. It may come as a surprise to use this plant in pill form, since such a small amount will have no effect on the body. Yerba Mate in the form of tea is used in an amount of about 40-60 grams, and the tablet will not contain more than 0.5 grams of this substance. When it comes to tea, remember that it effectively raises blood pressure and heart rate, so it should not be used by people who have problems with hypertension. Yerba mate suppresses appetite, and the content of polyphenols has a positive effect on the entire body.

Another substance that supports our metabolism is coffee. Coffee has an effect similar to yerba mate, but unfortunately it lasts much shorter - then we feel weakened. Coffee flushes magnesium out of the body, unlike Yerba Mate, which provides it. The undoubted advantage of coffee is it has much nicer taste. Remember that coffee that's supposed to lose weight is black coffee without additives.

Green tea
Green tea supports us very well in losing weight. It contains polyphenols that accelerate metabolism, and also detoxifies the body. I think these are reasons enough to replace ordinary black tea with it. Green tea should be brewed for up to 3 minutes, then remove the leaves from the infusion. How to do it? It is best to use a metal or porcelain tea infuser. Varieties such as gun powder and China Chun Mee have the best effect.

Chili peppers also have a beneficial effect on our metabolism. Consuming one pepper a day will significantly accelerate our metabolism- capsaicin is responsible for this.The famous Tabasco sauce has the same effect.

Another preparation that has been supporting us in losing weight for years is apple cider vinegar. You can make it on your own or buy it ready in a bottle. We'll get it at the health food store. Apple cider vinegar can be used as a spice.